Monday Buzz: The Buzz is Back

It's been a little while since the last installment of "buzz," so here are some of the highlights of NDN in the press over the past few weeks:

Simon's address to Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh was written up in the Wall Street Journal, Salon, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. From the Post-Gazette piece:

Simon Rosenberg, head of NDN, a left-wing, Washington, D.C.-based think tank, said that when he first started working in Democratic politics, online communities like Netroots were unheard of.

"We didn't have the incredible ecosystem of center-left politics that has been created over the past six years. We're now at a different moment in our movement. More important work is in front of us. Now is not a time to reject the other side, but use our imagination on what kind of America to build together."

And from the Salon piece about Netroots Nation, focusing on President Clinton's role in the Obama administration:

"I hope that we can commit tonight to make sure that [Clinton] is not sitting on the sidelines of this great battle against the conservative movement," said Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democratic Network and a former Clinton staffer, as he introduced his former boss.

Simon was also quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on the importance of the California governor's race:

Simon Rosenberg, who heads the Washington-based think tank NDN, formerly known as the New Democrat Network, says all three will be among the most-watched candidates in the nation in 2010.

"The California governor's race will be the most important in the country next year," he said. "It's going to be a titanic battle, and whichever party wins it will win the crown jewel."

Rob was quoted in the Associated Press, in a story by Tom Raum about the mounting national debt:

...And the long recession has added significantly to the government's debt. Revenues are down at the same time the government is spending hundreds of billions for business bailouts, economic stimulus and two wars.

"This recession reduces the revenue base in a permanent way in the sense that even as you recover, you're now starting from a much lower space. So the recession increases not just the short-term deficit, but the long-term deficit," said Rob Shapiro, a former economic adviser to President Bill Clinton and now with NDN, a centrist think tank formerly known as the New Democratic Network.

Finally, Andres was quoted in the Las Vegas Sun about GOP opposition to Sotomayor and its possible impact on the Hispanic vote:

Like Republicans nationally, the party in Nevada has lost ground with Hispanics, and the state’s Republican elected officials in Washington are giving these voters little reason to join the party, said Andres Ramirez, a Nevadan who is vice president of Hispanic Affairs at NDN, a liberal think tank in Washington.

Voting against the first Hispanic woman’s nomination to the Supreme Court will not help.

“They have no major leader to show any indication to Hispanics they want to support them,” Ramirez said. “Obviously this is a historic vote to Hispanics. For folks to think it doesn’t matter in Nevada, they’re sorely mistaken.”