Wed 7/29 Roundup: Seeing Bottom, Bike Cell Chargers, Lou Dobbs: Bigot

- Sonia Sotomayor cleared the Judiciary Committee.  Lindsay Graham was the only Republican to support her.

- The housing crash may be beginning to end.

- Felix Salmon isn't ready to be optimistic yet.

- David Leonhardt argues for the importance of establishing a health care tax.

- Ezra Klein's latest in the WaPo on health care.  He speaks out in favor of, among other things, Senator Wyden's Free Choice Act.

- The CBO says good things about the Senate's forthcoming healthcare bill.

- Sarah Palin may be going into radio. She'll do great alongside Rush and Imus. 

- Two students in Kenya have built a small, cheap device from junkyard scraps that allows people to charge their mobile phones using their bicycles.

- Roger Simon tells you the 21 things you can't say to Barack Obama.

- Last, as if we needed more evidence that Lou Dobbs is a bigot who shouldn't be on television, Rachel Maddow asks some tough questions:

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