Thu 7/30 Roundup: Infrastructure Bank, Chronic Stagnation, Talking to the Taliban

- Felix Rohatyn and Everett Ehrlich write in the FT in support of a National Infrastructure Bank, something our own Michael Moynihan has advocated for.

- New polling reveals a growing skepticism about the plan to reform health care.

- A bipartisan group of senators is looking to trim about $100 billion from their proposal.

- Karen Tumulty got a long interview with the president on health care.

- In his ever-cheery "Dr. Doom" column, Nouriel Roubini wonders if a weak recovery will lead us in to chronic stagnation.

- Our friend Douglas Alexander, the Secretary of DFID in the UK, spoke on NPR this morning about the importance of talking to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

- Iranian riot police broke up a peaceful mourning ceremony yesterday, forcing opposition leader Mir Hussein Moussavi to leave.

- The Chinese are bad bosses in Africa.

- Last, who's up for a little autotune the news?  Its a couple weeks old, but it's still fresh: