9500 Liberty Visits NDN: What is It Like to Be Caught in a Microcosm of the Immigration Debate?


Last night, NDN was honored to host a private select preview of the film 9500 Liberty.  With the filmmakers, Annabel Park and Eric Byler, we examined the political intrigue of one of the most infamous immigration battles ever conducted at the local level.  We discussed the incessant nature of the work that is fighting bigotry - in Virginia and everywhere - and the very real and socio-economic impact of policies intended to alienate immigrants.  

Because it is likely that immigration legislation will be introduced this fall, the premiere of this film on October 1st will provide an invaluable tool for moderates and progressives on this issue, with unprecedented access to the inner workings of the anti-immigrant lobby and its strategic approach to electoral politics. The film also reveals the social and economic fallout when local governments resort to harsh immigration enforcement measures.

In July 2007, Prince William County, VA became ground zero in America's explosive battle over immigration policy when elected officials adopted a local ordinance requiring police officers to question individuals that they considered to be "probably" undocumented.  In the battleground county of a key battleground state, the "Immigration Resolution" became the central issue in a local election held one year before the 2008 Presidential Election.

9500 Liberty is a riveting documentary by two individuals who were caught in the crossfire of these events.  You must see the trailer, and hopefully you will support 9500 Liberty and continue to share this story - it must be told.  And don't forget to stay tuned for the October 1st premiere.