Passing Climate Change This Year

As I have been writing, the time has never been better to pass a climate change bill and if action does not take place this year, the prospects for passage are likely to decline.  Recognizing the threat of a bill passing, opponents have pulled out all the stops, while supporters are making a full court press to gain passage.  With a critical vote in the House coming as early next week, the stakes could not be higher.

Against this backdrop, yesterday, Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection released a new ad as part of its Repower America campaign to help rally support for the bill.

The ad shows a farmer talking about the need to do something about dependence on foreign oil.  He has a point.  It was President Nixon who first began to rail about dependence on foreign oil.  In the 40 years since, the problem has only grown worse.  And, of course, we now have to contend as well with the even more serious threat of global climate change. 

Here's the ad: