NDN Economic Backgrounder: Congress’ Busy Agenda

Waxman-Markey is currently on the House floor and things are looking good for what Michael Moynihan has dubbed “The Little Bill that Could.” Congress has been busy this week discussing healthcare reform, speaking out on Iran, and meeting with President Obama on comprehensive immigration reform. Here's what NDN’s been saying it all:

  • The Little Bill that Could by Mike Moynihan, 6/29/09 – Moynihan writes that Waxman-Markey certainly isn’t perfect – but it’s a good compromise.
  • Putting the Green in Green Shoots by Michael Moynihan, 6/23/09 - Moynihan argues to ignite not only the immediate economy but also the economy of the next ten years, the Administration and Congress need to move forcefully to remove barriers to the clean economy.
  • Choices in Universal Healthcare by Dr. Robert Shapiro, 6/17/09 - Shapiro's overseas travel left him with some fresh perspective on the future of American healthcare.
  • More Inconvenient Truths by Michael Moynihan, 6/17/09 - Moynihan writes that the Obama administration's important report on the dangerous realities of climate change illustrates a cap and market regime will not begin to address the true and lasting costs of climate change.
  • Passing Climate Change This Year by Michael Moynihan, 6/16/09 - Moynihan continues to make the case that there has never been a better time to pass a climate change bill and if action does not take place this year, the prospects for passage are likely to decline.
  • The Economic Conversation Enters a New Phase: Putting Consumers Front and Center Now  by Simon Rosenberg, Huffington Post, 5/14/09 - Rosenberg writes that the Administration's turn in the national economic conversation from the plight of big institutions and the financial system to what is perhaps the most important part of the story of the Great Recession still is not adequately understood - the weakened state of the American consumer prior to the recent recession and financial collapse.