NDN Comments on President Obama's Meeting on Immigration Reform; Key Materials Provided

Following yesterday's meeting between President Barack Obama and Members of Congress on the need to fix our nation's broken immigration system, NDN is releasing the two most important analyses we have written in the past few months on the critical issue of immigration reform. If you read nothing else, please read the key materials listed below.

As stated yesterday by Simon, passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform won't be easy, "but nothing of significance is in Washington."

And of course the votes 'aren't there yet,' but at this point neither are they for health care reform, cap and trade or financial regulatory reform.  So with this event the hard work begins, and we are at NDN are prepared to work along side many groups across a broad political spectrum to make progress on this issue in the months ahead.

Today, several advocates analyzed the outcome of yesterday's meeting during a press conference hosted by America's Voice. During the call NDN President, Simon Rosenberg, pointed out: 

"There can be no doubt that the conditions for significant movement on immigration reform this year have become more favorable," stated Simon Rosenberg, President and Founder of NDN.  "An overwhelming majority of Americans want action taken to fix the broken immigration system now and support the Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislative approach. While the road to passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform will not be an easy one, with strong leadership, progress this year is within Washington's grasp." 

For more background, including a Wednesday statement from NDN President Simon Rosenberg and NDN Vice President of Hispanic Programs Andres Ramirez on the prospects for immigration reform, please click here.

Making the Case for Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform This Year (PDF), Simon Rosenberg, 6/16/09 - Rosenberg lays out the basic foundation for why Congress must pass comprehensive immigration reform. This summary is a good introduction for those wanting to learn the fundamentals of this issue. 

Making the Case: 7 Reasons Why Congress Should Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform this Year, Huffington Post, Simon Rosenberg, 4/30/09 - Rosenberg argues that the answer to whether Congress can pass reform this year is "yes."