Monday Buzz: Interpreting Iran, Much Ado About Millennials, More

Simon's essay about Obama and his response to the protests in Iran was at the top of the Huffington Post front page for a full day. His commentary on Iran was also the lead in the Moderate Voice's Iran roundup.

Morley and Mike have an excellent op-ed in yesterday's Los Angeles Times, entitled "Are the Millennials the New GI Generation?" (spoiler alert: yes, we are). Here's how it starts out:

It's a daunting time to be entering the workplace. Today's young adults -- like their great-grandparents eight decades earlier -- are graduating from high school and college and starting careers at a time when the American economy is shedding jobs at a record pace.

This newest adult generation, dubbed the Millennials, is known for its optimism and sense of personal confidence. But will those traits survive the new economic realities? Recent survey results suggest the answer is a resounding yes. Millennials are demonstrating remarkable resilience in the face of an economic crisis, even though the downturn has affected them disproportionately.

Check out the rest here.

Finally, reprinted Simon's quote in the Houston Chronicle from last week:

"This is a new America," said Simon Rosenberg, CEO of the Democratic group NDN, which specializes in demographic and technological change. "America is going through one of the most profound demographic transformations in all of its history. The Obama administration is simply reflecting the emerging reality of America in the early 21st century."