Iran Heating Back Up

After a few quiet days in Iran, crowds of hundreds were back in the streets today, and clashing with police and the paramilitary Basij.  Unsurprisingly, Ayatollah Khamenei is refusing to back down, escalating the conflict. He is apparently losing even more support among the clerics as a result.  

According to Nico's sources, just this afternoon, Mousavi's lawyer was arrested, Neda's family was thrown out of their home, and the doctor who tried to save her is fleeing the country.  As the New York Times writes, it is nearly impossible to confirm the details of everything that is happening up to highest journalistic standards, due to the crackdown on media.

Mousavi has disavowed the protests today, but he has called for a protest tomorrow-- this will be a big one. Check back for regular updates tomorrow.  

This video is reportedly of the protests in Tehran today: