6/29 Roundup: Recount and Protests, Madoff, Agony of Defeat

IranLeader: Recount and Protests

- A partial recount of the election results in Iran has begun, and the authorities in Tehran have extended the deadline to investigate electoral fraud.  But nobody expects this official results to yield any positive results for the protesters. After several quiet days, thousands of protesters clashed with government forces at a Mosque in Tehran on Sunday.  Still, the WaPo notes a weakening of the uprising in Iran, as the government has intensified its crackdown.

- The Iranian government arrested nine Iranian citizens working at the British Embassy on Sunday, accusing them of helping to foment the uprising in recent weeks.  They have released five of the nine already.


- President Obama praised the Waxman-Markey climate change bill that passed the House late Friday.  Obama spoke out against one provision in the bill that would impose sanctions on other countries that failed to cap their own carbon emissions, arguing that, in our current weakened global economy, such a measure would hurt everyone even more.

- The Hill takes a look at the GOP's uphill battle in the northeast... if they're to make any gains, it will probably be on the heels of an Obama stumble.


- Bernard Madoff will appear in court today to receive his sentence for his $65 billion Ponzi swindle.  Prosecutors are pushing for up to 150 years, but Madoff's lawyers are hoping for just 12.  I vote for 150.

- The WaPo reports that GE has received all the benefits of the government's bank bailout program, without any of the restrictions or conditions imposed on the other recipients (which is to say, actual banks).

- Christina Romer has an upbeat view of the American economy, expecting that the stimulus package passed earlier this year will have a big effect in the coming months.


- President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was ousted in a military coup yesterday.  Zelaya had spent months trying to lift the term limits that prevented him from seeking office again, and the military stepped in just before a national referendum on those term limits.  The US government said it had been working for days to prevent this coup.

- Israel is open to halting new construction of settlements in the West Bank, as part of a broad peacemaking effort with the Palestinians.  The concession would not affect settlements already under construction, as President Obama had asked for, but it still represents a positive step.

New From NDN

- Dan wrote in his weekly New Tools post on an interesting information age quandary:  who is in charge of the internet? Who polices this 21st century Wild West?

- Meg put together all our recent work on healthcare and climate change legislation in a new backgrounder.

One More Thing

- The US Men's National Soccer Team lost a heartbreaker to Brazil in the Confederations Cup final yesterday.  After beating Spain 2-0 last week, the USMNST went up 2-0 in the first half on Brazil, only to give up three goals in the second half for the loss.  Still, this tournament marks another step forward for American soccer.

- While we're on the subject, here's an interesting video from after the US scored their second goal against Spain.  What you're listening for comes around 0:45 (h/t slev):