6/24 Roundup: Condemning Oppression, Waxman-Markey, Earthquake Instigation

Obama on IranLeader: Condemning Oppression

- President Obama gave a press conference yesterday, in which he addressed healthcare legislation, climate change legislation, but most importantly, he addressed the situation in Iran.  He strongly condemned the harsh repression by the Iranian government of the peaceful protesters in Iran.  He mentioned Neda, the young woman killed by a paramilitary bullet last Saturday, and whose death has been a rallying point for protesters in Iran. Said Obama:

This is not about the United States and the West; this is about the people of Iran, and the future that they – and only they – will choose. The Iranian people can speak for themselves. That is precisely what has happened these last few days. In 2009, no iron fist is strong enough to shut off the world from bearing witness to the peaceful pursuit of justice.

- David Ignatius has his money on the success of the followers of the martyred Neda, at least in the long run.  Robert Kaplan thinks that if the protesters are successful, Iran's reform could be transformational for the Middle East.


- Speaker Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that a deal had been struck on the Waxman-Markey climate change bill, and she promised it would pass the House before the July 4 recess.

- The NY Times covers the release of the transcripts of a new batch of tapes from Richard Nixon's White House. Speaking in private, expressed ambivalence about the legalization of abortion, though he recognized certain cases in which it could be necessary: "There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a black and a white, or a rape."

- AltaRock Energy, a small startup, will be drilling into the earth near San Francisco, in an attempt to harness the heat below the earth's surface as an energy source.  The same strategy was used in Switzerland a few years ago, and it caused an earthquake.  Gulp.


- After four years without an Ambassador in Damascus, President Obama will pursue normalized relations with Syria.

- An airstrike kiled 60 at a funeral in South Waziristan. The missile is believed to have come from an American drone.

New From NDN

- We've been keeping up our coverage and analysis of the happenings in Iran.

- Simon will be presenting an updated version of his Dawn of a New Politics powerpoint on Thursday, complete with analysis of how America's bottom-up political shift is being exported to Iran.

One More Thing

- Last, here is President Obama delivering his opening address in the conference I wrote about above: