6/18 Roundup: Sporting Green, End of the Honeymoon, Globetrotting Globalists

Iran SoccerLeader: Sporting Green

- Protests continued in Iran yesterday, with somewhere between "tens of thousands" (according to most news outlets) and "hundreds of thousands" (according to the WSJ) of people taking to the streets to protest the results of their election that is now nearly a week in the past.  The government of Iran continues to try to stifle the media, but reports via Twitter, cell phone camera, and blog continue to stream out of the country.

- The Iranian soccer team played South Korea to a tie yesterday-- no small feat playing in the Koreans' home stadium in Seoul. The team played wearing green wristbands in solidarity with the reformist protestors in Iran. They emerged from the locker room for the second half without the wristbands. 

- Joe Klein is back from 10 days in Iran, and reports on what he saw in the election and its aftermath.

- John Kerry has an op-ed in the NY Times today making an argument that's an awful lot like the one I made here on the blog on Tuesday.


- President Obama still enjoys a 63% favorability rating, but some of his policies are less popular.  Particularly, a new NYT/CBS poll finds that most Americans think he should be focusing more on controlling the deficit.  CQ interprets all this to mean that Obama's honeymoon is over.

- President Obama unveiled plans for an overhaul of financial regulations, moving toward a system that would try to limit the array of financial products available to mostly "plain vanilla" varieties. Joe Nocera of the NYT takes a closer look at Obama's proposals, and notes that his proposal isn't anywhere close to what F.D.R. accomplished in the Great Depression:

Wall Street hated the reforms, of course, but Roosevelt didn’t care. Wall Street and the financial industry had engaged in practices they shouldn’t have, and had helped lead the country into the Great Depression. Those practices had to be stopped. To the president, that’s all that mattered...

Rather, the Obama plan is little more than an attempt to stick some new regulatory fingers into a very leaky financial dam rather than rebuild the dam itself. Without question, the latter would be more difficult, more contentious and probably more expensive. But it would also have more lasting value.


- Greg Mankiw highlights a chart put out by the Cleveland Fed showing that different measures of inflation offer disparate estimates of where we stand.   If you take energy out of the picture, however, everything appears much more normal.

- Politico wonders if, now that they've co-authored an op-ed, Larry Summers and Tim Geithner are officially BFFLs.


- A suicide bomb attack in Somalia killed the country's security minister, among 19 others. Their government is blaming al Qaeda.  Another blow to Somalia's barely-existent infrastructure.

- An ancient temple in Myanmar collapsed yesterday, and the military junta that runs the country is liable to take it as divine judgment on their legitimacy.

New From NDN

- Andres announced the release of new presentations, backgrounders, and video on immigration reform.  Enjoy!

- Our globetrotting globalization expert, Rob Shapiro, blogs from Beijing, China on healthcare.

One More Thing

- Two Republican congressmen who are apparently new to Twitter compared their minority in Congress to the oppressed reformists of Iran.  Keep it classy, guys.

- Last, SENATOR Barbara Boxer lays a little bit of a smackdown: