6/17 Roundup: Protests in Iran Continue, New Regulations, Cut the Cards

Iran BurningLeader: Protests in Iran Continue

- Iran's religious leaders have agreed to a recount of Friday's election results, but protests continue around the country.  Tuesday's protests were smaller than those on Monday, likely a result of the violence that resulted in seven deaths the previous day. Compared to student protests in 1999 and 2003, the NY Times reports, the Iranian government will have a much harder time shutting down these protests quickly and quietly, in part because of their size. The government is trying their darndest to shut down the media, but social media like Twitter are proving nearly impossible to curb.

- Robert Kagan finds President Obama's response to the unrest in Iran "disturbing."  He does not suppose that Obama necessarily prefers working with Ahmadinejad to Moussavi, but thinks his indifference to the pro-reformist protesters is wrong.

- Simon had a major piece in HuffPo yesterday arguing that Obama had little choice but to shun realism and stand up for democracy around the world. 

- An op-ed in the Times sees the recent crackdown as the culmination of Iran's shift to become a full-fledged military dictatorship.


- The President will make a gesture toward gay rights today when he allows federal employees to extend their benefits to unmarried domestic partners, including same-sex partners.

- The White House released a report on climate change with strong language describing the man-made damage already being inflicted upon our environment.


- The White House will propose sweeping new changes to the regulations that oversee our financial markets. George Soros comments on the plan in the FT.

New From NDN

- Shai Agassi shows up in Wired today, and he'll show up at our offices tomorrow.  Come by our event!

- We had a lot of commentary on Iran yesterday.  Here's Dan, here's Jake, and here's me.

One More Thing

- An Arizona town settled a tied election by cutting a deck of cards.  Draw!

- Last, Nico Pitney has been providing great liveblog coverage of everything going on in Iran over at HuffPo.  Here he is discussing his work with Rachel Maddow:

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