6/15 Roundup: Iranians Take to the Streets (and Tweets), Obama and the AMA, More

Leader: Iran in Crisis

- The turmoil continues in Iran in the wake of Friday's disputed election results. Juan Cole makes a convincing argument that Ahmadinejad stole the election. Protestors continue to fill the streets. Iran's Supreme Leader calls for an investigation, but most are skeptical of his motives. The Iranian government continues to shut down domestic and foreign media. A blogger from Tehran University documents Iranian security forces destroying computers at the school. Although SMS text messaging has been blocked, some are still managing to get the word out on Twitter and YouTube. Meanwhile, Dennis Ross, the former State Department envoy to Iran, is reportedly being reassigned, leaving the U.S. position a bit unclear.


- President Obama is in Chicago today to sell his health care plan to a tough crowd: the American Medical Association (the group which originally coined that frightening term, "socialized medicine").

- In his Sunday column, Frank Rich looks at how conservative commentators are pushing right-wing domestic terrorists over the edge. Meanwhile, GOP electeds continue to rachet up the rhetoric. A prominent Republican activist likens Michelle Obama to an escaped gorilla on Facebook. Stay classy, GOP.

- In related news, the Holocaust Museum shooter's son says he wishes it was his father that had died. Disturbingly, Salon reports that the US military is now accepting white supremacists and neo-nazis.

- The New Yorker profiles Leon Panetta, Obama's new CIA chief, and looks at where he wants to take the organization. Panetta recently said that Dick Cheney's criticisms of Obama's national security policy suggest ""he's wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point." I like him already.


- Ahmadinejad has cancelled his trip to Russia, but leaders from China, Central Asia and Afghanistan met with President Medvedev today at "a summit that underscored Moscow's determination to maintain influence in its backyard and seek a stronger voice in global economic issues," reports the AP.

- Germany and France have summoned the Iranian ambassador to discuss their concerns about the contested election.

- Check out these realtime images from Iran via PicFog.

One More Thing:

- A 16-year-old boy recently discovered a plastic-eating microbe, which may help to solve our global waste crisis.