Video: NDN Talks Strongmen w/Ruth Ben-Ghiat (2/2/21)

Feb 2nd - Our discussion with Ruth Ben-Ghiat today was the first in a new series we've launched on American politics.  If you missed this talk, we have a recording here.  Ruth was really great - do take the time to check it out and learn more/order her acclaimed book, Strongmen, here

A quick summary of Strongmen from Professor Ben-Ghiat’s site – “Ruth Ben-Ghiat is the expert on the "strongman" playbook employed by authoritarian demagogues from Mussolini to Putin—enabling her to predict with uncanny accuracy the recent experience in America. In Strongmen, she lays bare the blueprint these leaders have followed over the past 100 years, and empowers us to recognize, resist, and prevent their disastrous rule in the future.” 

We have learned much from Professor Ben-Ghiat in recent months, and was excited to bring her to you today.  Here's a schedule of our upcoming events - hope to see you at as many as you can make in the coming days.