Dr. Robert J. Shapiro

Fellow: Chair, Globalization Initiative

Dr. Robert J. Shapiro is the Chair of NDN's Globalization Initiative, and has been involved in the project since its inception in early 2005. Dr. Shapiro has an extensive background examining the American and global economies, including an appointment as the Under Secretary of Commerce in the Clinton administration, and as the principal economic advisor to the Clinton, Gore and Kerry presidential campaigns. Dr. Shapiro is also the chairman of Sonecon, a private economic policy consulting firm.

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Essays and Papers by Dr. Shapiro

A Big Plan to Create American Jobs, March 31, 2010. A straightforward, four-point plan to create jobs through a payroll tax break, free IT training, assistance to state employed workers, and tax reform for multinational companies.

Even Reagan Raised Taxes, February 3, 2010, Forbes. Shapiro looks to past president who have also faced recessions coupled with rising deficits too predict the trajectory of fiscal policy during Obama's presidency.

What Washington Should do to Create Jobs, October 8, 2009, The New Republic. Shapiro gives a strong warning of a possible "jobless recovery," but looks to containing the costs of health care and energy prices that will, in the long run, unburden US businesses and allow for growth in jobs and wages.

A Stimulus for the Long Run by Dr. Robert Shapiro and Simon Rosenberg, November 14, 2008. This important essay lays out the now widely agreed-upon argument that the upcoming economic stimulus package must include investments in the basic elements of growth for the next decade, including elements that create a low-carbon, energy-efficient economy. 

Keep People in Their Homes by Dr. Robert Shapiro and Simon Rosenberg, September 23, 2008. At the beginning of the financial collapse, NDN offered this narrative-shaping essay and campaign on the economic need to stabilize the housing market.

The Next Globalization, September 2008, Democracy: A Journal of Ideas. The biggest challenge of globalization isn't trade. It's reining in health care and energy costs-and preparing American workers and business to compete.

The Idea-Based Economy and Globalization, January 23, 2008. In this important paper, NDN Globalization Initiative Chair Dr. Robert Shapiro examines how and why U.S. companies and workers lead the world in developing and applying new intellectual property, and why this leadership in innovation constitutes a critical U.S. advantage in globalization.

Tapping the Resources of America's Community Colleges, July 26, 2007. This innovative proposal details how every American can have access to computer training, thereby upgrading the skills of the nation’s workforce.

The New Landscape of Globalization, June 20, 2007. Shapiro offers this forward-looking paper on the current state of globalization and how America can thrive in this new economic era.

Recent Video of Rob:

Rob's interview with Fox's Neil Cavuto, April 5, 2010. Rob speaks with Cavuto about the recently passed health care reform.