Clare Giesen

Senior Staff: Director, Clean Energy Initiative

Clare Giesen

Clare Giesen is Director of  the Clean Energy Initiative, which addresses the potential of a new grid infrastructure, the challenge of getting clean renewable energy to consumers and the establishment of American energy leadership. 

Before coming to NDN, Ms. Giesen served as Executive Director of the National Women's Political Caucus, where she was successful in significantly contributing to the increase of the number of women in federal office.

As a member of the Clinton Administration, Clare held a number of positions, including White House Liaison for the Department of Energy and Special Assistant for the DOE's utility restructuring and deployment of renewable energy technologies.  At the USDA, she was Senior Advisor in the Office of Rural Utilities and successfully developed a loan program to deploy renewable energy on rural electric cooperatives. 

Giesen has held a leadership role in a number of campaigns in Texas, including the Clinton-Gore 1992 presidential campaign and Ann Richards' successful campaign for Governor.  Most recently, she was actively involved in the 2008 Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Ms. Giesen was also a Professor of Sociology at Houston Community College. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Louisiana State University and a Master of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Houston.

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