About RSS

What are webfeeds and RSS?

Feeds are a way for websites to automatically and instantaneously distribute information to their readers, kind of like wire services for news distribution. We use RSS to publish our feeds, which can be then read in a variety of ways: other websites can publish our news, or our readers can download software (see below) that will let them read our latest content on their own computers.

How do I use webfeeds?

Since our webfeeds are in the RSS format, you'll need an RSS reader (also known as an RSS aggregator) to view them. Some web browsers such as Firefox and Mac OS X's Safari have built-in RSS readers. Otherwise...

Where do I download an RSS reader?

There are many feed readers available, most for free. You can search Google for "RSS reader" to view many options. A few RSS readers you can try are:

OK, I've downloaded the reader, now how do I get your webfeeds?

Once you've installed the RSS reader, you can add our feeds by clicking on the links above. Setting up a feed differs depending on the reader, but it usually involves copying the URL of the feed and pasting it into the reader.