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- Search block: search for old posts which date back to June, 2006. (We have posts from before
then that we're hoping to backfill.)

- User: When you create an account and are logged in, this displays your name and gives you options to edit your account, create a comment, etc. It looks like this:

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- Upcoming Events: (when enabled) Highlights upcoming NDN events.

- Popular Content: Updates
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- Tag Cloud: A list of the top 20 or so blog topics and tags, displayed in terms of popularity.

- Places We Go: Links to the blogs, organizations, and resources we check out all the time.

- Rock the Vote voter registration widget: Register to vote using this widget and tell your friends to do the same!

- NDN Blidget: Download the NDN Blog's Widget. It automatically updates itself when there's a new post, which is definitely handy as we try to post as often as possible.

- YouTube video bar: Gives you a sampling of NDN's videos on YouTube.

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