Recent Work

Chris Taylor // Thu, May 21

In one area, Biden is underperforming Democrats' strength in 2018 - among younger voters. However, it is our view that there is good reason to believe that these voters will move to a large extent to Biden by November 2020.

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, May 19

6 months out from the 2020 election Trump/GOP Senators find their poll numbers far below where they want them to be.  The President is showing increasing signs of panic and poor decision making - which is only going to make thing worse for him/GOP. 

Chris Taylor // Thu, May 14

It is clear that the public doesn't support Trump's response to this crisis, doesn't trust him to tell the truth about it, and overwhelmingly opposes his new re-opening strategy.

Chris Taylor // Thu, May 7

A major new development in the past month has been a significant tightening of the race for the Senate majority, to the point where today Democrats probably are very slight favorites to win at least 50 seats.

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, May 5

Whatever his intention, the President's use of rapid, ubiquitous testing to show how return to work could look has ended up re-inforcing how far away we are away from normal, not how close. 

Chris Taylor // Thu, April 30

NDN's central belief surrounding the 2020 election is that the race currently resembles the Democrats' significant victory in the 2018 midterms far more than it does Trump's win in 2016.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, April 27

If Phase II of America's response to COVID19 is going to be successful, Congess must step in now.  There is an incredible amount of work to do, and the President simply can't be trusted to do it.   

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, March 26

The COVID19 crisis is an opportunity for elected officials here in the US to take on a new and powerful role - truth teller, community leader, COVID navigator.