Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, December 9

The President's many political and policy failures have taken their toll.  He is deeply unpopular, and his re-election chances next year are dim.  As he and his team grow more desperate, they also appear to be growing more dangerous. 

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, December 9

Every Monday we will be updating a list of high volume pro-Trump Twitter accounts, ones we call "amplifiers."  The goal - to get a sense of how many of these accounts there are out there.  

Simon Rosenberg // Sun, December 1

In a new essay, Simon makes the case that the Impeachment process should be broken into 3 parallel tracks: 1) the crimes 2) the co-conspirators 3) A security review. 

Chris Taylor // Thu, November 21

Trump is the most unpopular first-term president in over six decades and is leading Republicans down the path of the California GOP by ignoring those demographic groups that will over the next decade become more and more critical to winning elections

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, October 23

NDN is calling on the President to forcefully condemn Russia's aggression, consider new sanctions, pass and sign election security measures teed up by Congress and fill critical vacancies critical to protecting our homeland. 

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, October 4

NDN hopes that the Trump administration will now forgo its announced tariffs and enter direct negotiations with the EU to reduce state subsidies to both Airbus and Boeing. Anything less can only be seen as a reckless escalation of trade tensions by President Trump

Simon Rosenberg // Sat, September 7

New digital threats will require US political parties to start seeing themselves as front line actors in our national effort to protect our elections and discourse.  Some thoughts on how the parties can re-imagine themselves to meet these challenges head on. 

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, May 31

More Mad King than President, Trump's refusal to honor the laws, rules and norms which make democracies work is the greatest High Crime of all.  His ill-considered, whimsical tariffs are just the latest example, and should be forcefully challenged by Congress.