Recent Work

Chris Taylor // Tue, May 7

The new narrative that the economy is back to growing strongly is significantly flawed, and is largely based upon two economic reports whose headlines were very strong but whose underlying data revealed continued weakness in the economy

Chris Taylor // Wed, May 1

Trump is the most unpopular first-term president in over six decades and is leading Republicans down the path of the California GOP by ignoring those demographic groups that will over the next decade become more and more critical to winning elections

Chris Taylor // Mon, April 8

The WTO’s recent ruling only reiterates that the tariffs do not serve a legitimate national security interest, and Congress must now act to rescind this latest violation of Presidential authority.

Chris Taylor // Thu, March 28

While the GOP compares liberals to Venezuelan socialists, Trump continues to act more like Maduro than any Democrat through his attacks on the American market-based system and his trampling on the rule of law.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, February 11

The dramatic erosion of the GOP brand in the heavily Mexican-American parts of the country over the past two elections is one of the biggest stories in American politics.  Trump's border extremism has cost the GOP dearly. 

Chris Taylor // Tue, February 5

After two years of the Trump administration, jobs and wage growth have fallen, even in the face of a surging fiscal deficit. And the most vulnerable Americans have seen their access to healthcare worsen for the first time in a decade.

Chris Taylor // Tue, January 29

Since 1989, Democrats have overseen strong and inclusive economic growth when in the White House, while the Republican Presidents have repeatedly seen economic under-performance and even recession and decline. 

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, July 20

Simon offers the idea of creating a new government department focused solely on job creation and skill acquisition.