Video: "Getting Louder" w/MeidasTouch, Courier, Resolute Square, DSR Network

On January 18th NDN and Future Majority hosted an inspiring discussion with the leaders of 4 increasingly important pro-democracy, center-left media organizations:

You can watch the event here.

It is perhaps more important than ever before that those fighting to preserve democracy here and around the world find ways to counter the enormous propaganda machines of the global right.  That’s why pulled together these four inspiring digital entrepreneurs to talk about their projects, their vision and to offer their insights about the vital work ahead.  See this related NDN memo which goes in depth about the need for the center-left and pro-democracy forces to "get louder."

These four new projects all build on the pioneering work of organizations like Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, Crooked Media and the Bulwark, and more traditional outlets like the New Republic, The Nation and Washington Monthly. We are excited to see so much compelling innovation happening in this space, and look forward to bringing this exciting work to you. 

Simon Rosenberg of NDN moderated the discussion, and Mark Riddle of Future Majority orvided closing remarks.