NDN's National Political Landscape, 2022 Election Review - Dec 17th

Yes, it is a little early but we are reviving one of our more popular programs from the 2020 election cycle. – a live, Zoom based deep dive on recent polling and economic data.  These reviews take about 20 minutes and then are followed by what is often a spirted q and a session.  We are taking RSVPS for our next election review now scheduled for Friday, December 17th, 2pm ET.  Hope you can join us – these are always fun romps through the mountain of data we all have to make sense of every month.

In our election review we will be taking a look at the standing of Joe Biden and the Democrats a year out from the 2022 elections, and spend a bit of time looking at the impact the remarkably strong economic recovery may have on the elections next year. You can also find lots of new political analysis on the NDN website, and be sure to follow my far too frequent postings on Twitter. 

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