2021 - A Year of Dems Tackling Challenges, Overcoming Obstacles

While it is not clear today what is going to happen to parts of the Biden agenda currently being debated in the House, what is pretty clear is that by the end of the year Biden will have passed his landmark American Rescue Plan which will be credited with helping bring an end to COVID and usher in a very strong year for the American economy; passed the ambitious and vitally important infrastructure bill; and passed a reconciliation bill that will make critical investments in climate, health care, skills/education and creating an economy which works for all.  

How exactly this all happens we do not know.  But that it is going to happen is not really in doubt.  

Taken together, this year of legislative progress will set up the basic frame for 2022 – pragmatism and progress vs dangerous radicalization.  Democrats will have overcome years of reckless GOP obstructionism on critical issues of the day; made real progress on COVID, an economy for all, climate, health care and more; and the GOP will have once again show themselves to be too radical and extreme to be trusted with power.  

We cover all this in more depth in a new essay, and in related content below.  

Analysis: Twice As Many Jobs w/Biden as Last 3 GOP Presidents Combined - 9/4/21 - More jobs have been created in Joe Biden's first seven months than in Presidencies of the two Bushes and Trump combined.  Repeated Dem successes, repeated GOP failures must become better known in our politics. 

Memo: After Texas Roe decision, Dems must lean into GOP radicalization - 9/2/21 - The Supreme Court's Texas Roe decision is so shocking and crazy that Democrats have no choice now to make the dangerous radicalization of the GOP central to the conversation they are having with the American people. 

Memo: A Fall To Do List for Democrats - COVID, A Growing Economy, Climate, Immigration - 8/30/21 - In a new memo, Simon writes that Democrats have four priorities this fall - defeat COVID/improve health care, creating an economy which works for all, tackle climate change and modernize our an mmigration system. 

Memo: A Stronger Response To Delta Is Required Now - 8/21/21 - In a new political memo, Simon reviews recent polling data and finds rising fears over delta, and growing support in the public for aggressive steps to stop its spread.  The President should seize the moment and launch a stepped up campaign to defeat COVID once and for all.

Memo: Some Thoughts on Afghanistan, What Comes Next - 8/17/21 -  While the endgame in Afghanistan has been a significant setback for the President, he should use these next few months to reacquint the American people with his forward looking agenda and make significant progress in enacting it. 

Biden Should Consider "A Fireside Chat" About COVID - 8/4/21 - It may be time for a prime time Presidential address about COVID, a fireside chat, where Joe Biden can update us on the progress made, the challenges ahead and make clear what his plan is to defeat the pandemic here and everywhere. 

Bold Action on Evictions, But Also A Reminder That Governing is Very Hard - 8/4/21 - The President told bold action this week to prevent mass evictions in the midst of a public health crisis, but the program's struggles should be prompt action to make sure all the President's ambitious programs are well designed, aggressively implemented and successful. 

Memo: A Summer To Do List for Democrats - Defeat COVID, Defend Democracy, Keep Creating Jobs -  6/9/21 - Democrats have important work to do this summer - defeat COVID, defend democracy and make sure the American people know the recovery has come about through Joe Biden's smart and effective economic plans.