Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, January 8

The Jan 6th attack on Congress will be seen as a huge win by extremists, and will make our work countering this rising threat far more challenging.  Some thoughts on what we need to do now. 

Georgia McLean // Thu, January 7

The American people deserve to know why our government was so unprepared for the Jan 6th attack on Congress.  That nobody knew it could happen is ridiculous - whole point of Trump's rally was to disrupt the Electoral College vote, keep him in power. 

Georgia McLean // Sat, November 21

Joe Biden's mandate, the Georgia run-offs, the youth vote and a reflection on just how well run and without trouble this election was, COVID, Trump, Rudy and all. 

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, October 1

In a new essay for the influential journal Letras Libres, Simon offer his thoughts about what Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democrats should fight for if they prevail in the election this fall. 

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, October 1

The President has launched a breathtakingly broad effort to hold on to power through wide-scale cheating, treachery and illegal use of the US government to aide his campaign.  Far more should be happening to make it stop. 

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, August 24

In an interview to mark the Democratic Convention, Simon sits down with Salon to discuss the future of the Democrats, the Biden-Harris ticket and Trump's dangerous illiberalism. 

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, August 10

The President is on a political crime spree - breaking laws, cheating in the election, encouraging Russia to intervene on his behalf - again.   We cannot let him get away with it - again.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, July 6

Trumps's escalating attacks and calls for violence against his perceived domestic enemies are authoritarian and dangerous - and can no longer be ignored.