Recent Work

Georgia McLean // Mon, March 1

In a new NYTimes analysis, Simon offers extensive commentary about the how the Democrats might be able to get their agenda through the Senate this cycle.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, February 22

Early polling suggests Joe Biden does indeed have a mandate to act upon his agenda.  Even a sizable number of Trump supporters are giving him a chance to lead. 

Georgia McLean // Fri, February 19

A video recording of the latest episode of our signature presentation, With Democrats Things Get Better. 

Georgia McLean // Tue, February 16

In a new essay Simon advocates for a national campaign to get all seniors vaccinated by Mid-April.  Good health policy, yes but also an early "win" in our fight against COVID. 

Georgia McLean // Wed, February 3

Come watch this terrific and timely conversation with NBC legal analyst, former prosecutor and just all around terrific guy Glenn Kirschner. 

Georgia McLean // Thu, February 4

On Feb 8th NDN hosted Rep. Scott Peter, Vice Chair of the New Democrat Coalition, about the opportunities and challenges facing Congress in the early days of the Biden Presidency.  It was a terrific discussion - well worth your time.  

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, February 3

The refusal of the Republican Party to definitively repudiate political violence has thrust American politics into a very dark and dangerous place. 

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, December 9

Democratic gains in the heavily Mexican-American parts of the country have been among the most important political developments in US politics over the past two decades.  It is a region transformed, and a new center of power in the 21st century Democratic Party.