Recent Work

Chris Taylor // Fri, October 5

In a new analysis, Chris Taylor argues that declines in labor force participation and the employment-to-population ratio offer warning signs for job growth.

Chris Taylor // Mon, October 1

In a new analysis, Chris Taylor argues that NAFTA 2.0 is a largely cosmetic revision to its predecessor that borrows heavily from Obama’s TPP.

Chris Taylor // Wed, September 26

Recent polling on Trump's tariffs. All in one place. Updated daily.

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, August 7

In his new column, Simon argues that Trump’s separation of kids at the border is the result of a political crisis for his administration, rather than any real immigration crisis on the ground

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, July 18

In a new op-ed, Simon looks at the sophisticated Russian attacks on our elections and makes recommendations for what Congress and the Administration can do right now to ensure what happened in 2016 doesn’t happen again in 2018

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, July 13

In a new op-ed, Simon asks whether middle class Americans are better off under Trump. Data suggests that they are not.

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, April 27

Some recent data from Pew Research suggests pace of erosion of TV, rise of digital is picking up, and 2018 likely to be first election more folks get their news online than from TV. Big implications for US politics.

Robert J. Shapiro // Wed, April 4

Rob explains the potential consequences of Commerce Secretary Ross's decision to "reinstate" a question on citizenship status.