Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, October 5

With GA melting down, generics moving our way, good polls in PA, huge cash hauls and women continuing to register in very high numbers this has been a very good polling and political week for Dems.

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, September 23

Are we better off under Biden? Noted economist Rob Shapiro says yes.  Come watch a conversation about what may be the most important issue in the 2022 elections - the economy, and whether Dems time in power have made things better. 

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, September 9

We are pleased to share a recording of "New, Bluer Election" presentation.  It's 25 minutes of encouraging data.  Do watch, feel free to share with others and remember - we got a shot my friends. 

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, September 7

Come watch a timely discussion of an important new development in the 2022 election - the surge of women registering to vote and voting.  If this trend holds it could have a big impact on 2022.

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, June 21

Any fair read of current data in the big statewide races makes this look far more like a competitive election than a wave.  This is particularly true in the Senate, where Dems now have the edge. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, May 31

Russia’s ongoing aggression, mass shootings, the end of Roe, a more complete understanding of MAGA’s attack on our political system are together creating a new strategic framework or context for US politics, the 2022 elections.

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, May 18

Over the past 20 years the gains Democrats have made with Hispanic voters has transformed the Democratic Party and the nation.  It may very well be the most successful party-wide strategy in recent Democratic Party history. 

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, June 29

Russia's assassination campaign against US and UK troops in Afghanistan should lead to a broad review of its years of attacks on US interests and the West, and a firm and sustained response.