Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, February 8

NDN is pleased to endorse and support the Bicameral Congressional Trade Authority Act of 2019, legislation which provides critical Congressional oversight on the President’s ability to use national security as a justification to impose tariffs on our close trading partners.

Chris Taylor // Tue, February 5

After two years of the Trump administration, jobs and wage growth have fallen, even in the face of a surging fiscal deficit. And the most vulnerable Americans have seen their access to healthcare worsen for the first time in a decade.

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, November 9

2018 was a very good election for the Democratic Party, the best for either party in 32 years. Important new leaders emerged, Trump/GOP saw their position erode in key 2020 battlegrounds and young voters, Asians and Hispanics swung hard to the Democrats.

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, October 30

Democrats have been raising a lot of money this cycle.  This is not just about fear of Trump - it is about the broad adoption of a more authentic people based politics suited for the digital age championed by Dean, Obama and yes even Trump himself. 

Chris Taylor // Tue, October 16

In a new series challenging Trump's tariffs, we argue that the President's trade policy is illegal, recklessly ignorant, damaging to the US economy, and historically unpopular. Congress must step up and rescind them this fall.

Chris Taylor // Fri, October 12

Trump’s trade policies are hurting the Iowa economy. His tariffs are unpopular there, and his party is performing badly in the fall elections. Some thoughts on what this means for the Democratic presidential race starting soon. 

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, April 27

Some recent data from Pew Research suggests pace of erosion of TV, rise of digital is picking up, and 2018 likely to be first election more folks get their news online than from TV. Big implications for US politics.

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, July 20

Simon offers the idea of creating a new government department focused solely on job creation and skill acquisition.