Recent Work

Georgia McLean // Tue, April 27

5 Democratic polling firms have released a new memo documenting the polling failures we've all witnessed in recent years. We sat down with one of the authors of the memo, Jim Gerstein, to talk about lessons learned, possible paths forward.  It was a really good conversation. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, April 20

A recent article in the NYTimes remarked that Democracy, a small intellectual journal, "may be one of the most influential publications of the post-Trump era." We sit down with its two founders to reflect on Democracy's important journey. 

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, April 19

Trump's political journey has been an ongoing, unpredecented betrayal of America's core mission - creating a sustainable democratic alternative to autocracy. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, April 6

NDN was excited to host Jessica Brandt for a talk titled "Harnessing the Truth in Service of a Lie: Russia, China, and Iran's Information Strategies in the Vaccine Contest" - a deep dive into the early information battle over the major COVID vaccines. 


Georgia McLean // Tue, March 16

On Tuesday we hosted noted economist and long time NDN collaborator Dr. Rob Shapiro for an in-depth look at the landmark American Rescue Plan. This episode of NDN Talks will be helpful to anyone wants to learn more abou this landmark legislation.

Georgia McLean // Tue, February 23

On Feb 23rd NDN hosted noted author Ari Berman for an indepth discussion about one of the most important issues of 2021 - the GOP's savage assault on voting in America.  It was a great conversation - hope you will check it out. 

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, January 13

The choice for every Republican now is a binary one — drop the language of Trumpism, declare the election legitimate, tell the insurrections to stand down or become an insurrectionist, insurgent yourself.

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, December 9

Democratic gains in the heavily Mexican-American parts of the country have been among the most important political developments in US politics over the past two decades.  It is a region transformed, and a new center of power in the 21st century Democratic Party.