Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, April 20

A recent article in the NYTimes remarked that Democracy, a small intellectual journal, "may be one of the most influential publications of the post-Trump era." We sit down with its two founders to reflect on Democracy's important journey. 

Georgia McLean // Fri, April 16

We have just posted the latest recording of With Democrats Things Get Better from April 16th.  Come watch - it will leave you uplifted, and ready to engage in the big economic debate the Americans Job Plan has kicked off. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, April 6

NDN was excited to host Jessica Brandt for a talk titled "Harnessing the Truth in Service of a Lie: Russia, China, and Iran's Information Strategies in the Vaccine Contest" - a deep dive into the early information battle over the major COVID vaccines. 


Georgia McLean // Tue, March 16

On Tuesday we hosted noted economist and long time NDN collaborator Dr. Rob Shapiro for an in-depth look at the landmark American Rescue Plan. This episode of NDN Talks will be helpful to anyone wants to learn more abou this landmark legislation.

Georgia McLean // Tue, March 2

Join us for an indepth look at the all important Hispanic vote with Fernand Amandi, pollster and a pioneer in creating campaigns to speak to Hispanic voters in the United States.  It was a terrific discsusion - hope you can catch it soon. 

Georgia McLean // Tue, February 23

On Feb 23rd NDN hosted noted author Ari Berman for an indepth discussion about one of the most important issues of 2021 - the GOP's savage assault on voting in America.  It was a great conversation - hope you will check it out. 

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, January 13

The choice for every Republican now is a binary one — drop the language of Trumpism, declare the election legitimate, tell the insurrections to stand down or become an insurrectionist, insurgent yourself.

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, December 9

Democratic gains in the heavily Mexican-American parts of the country have been among the most important political developments in US politics over the past two decades.  It is a region transformed, and a new center of power in the 21st century Democratic Party.