Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, January 17

Senators are going to find it harder to acquit the President than they expect. 

Why? 1) He's guilty.  2) His aides keep getting arrested, going to jail. 3) Nothing innocent about Trump.  4) Lev Parnas.

Robert J. Shapiro // Thu, January 9

In a new essay, Dr. Robert J. Shapiro argues that paying for Medicare for All would break the US tax system – and crush most Americans in the process.

Chris Taylor // Tue, December 17

Trump’s trade deal with China offers no details on the structural reforms that were the entire point of the trade war. Instead, all the US receives is the promise of agricultural exports that are barely above the pre-2017 trend and could very easily not take place.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, December 9

In country after country over the past year the President has taken steps to align US foreign policy w/Russia's. It has been a dramatic, little understood development, and has left America a weakened power, Russia a rising one. Congress must step in.

Chris Taylor // Wed, September 18

America’s great experiment with protectionism hasn’t revived manufacturing or reduced the trade deficit, but instead has destroyed over 300,000 jobs and cost the average household $1,000.

Simon Rosenberg // Sat, September 7

New digital threats will require US political parties to start seeing themselves as front line actors in our national effort to protect our elections and discourse.  Some thoughts on how the parties can re-imagine themselves to meet these challenges head on.