Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Sat, July 27

A series of events over the past several months raises questions about whether using Russian style disinformation tactics has become a core part of the GOP’s electoral strategy in 2020.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, July 15

Every Monday we will be updating a list of high volume pro-Trump Twitter accounts, ones we call "amplifiers."  The goal - to get a sense of how many of these accounts there are out there.  

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, July 15

We've collected some of our recent columns on the 2020 election here. 

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, July 15

Am amazed, daily, about how important America's oldest network - the Postal Service - has been to the success of its newest one, the Internet. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, June 18

Vice President Biden and the Chairs of the State Democratic Parties have now advanced the idea of a pledge to forgo illicit campaign tactics.  Is another encouraging sign that American has begun to take the necessary steps to combat foreign manipulation of our democracy. 

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, May 31

More Mad King than President, Trump's refusal to honor the laws, rules and norms which make democracies work is the greatest High Crime of all.  His ill-considered, whimsical tariffs are just the latest example, and should be forcefully challenged by Congress. 

Chris Taylor // Thu, May 9

This backgrounder pulls together our work looking at President Trump’s economic and trade policies.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, February 11

The dramatic erosion of the GOP brand in the heavily Mexican-American parts of the country over the past two elections is one of the biggest stories in American politics.  Trump's border extremism has cost the GOP dearly.