Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, November 8

Voters under the age of 45 swung dramatically towards the Democrats in Virginia. This has implications for 2018.

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, October 6

In a recent column Simon makes the case that our nation's elected officials and other responsible community leaders should make signing people up for health insurance an annual event, helping blunt Trump's malevolent cuts in marketing the ACA.  

Robert J. Shapiro // Tue, October 3

In a new study, Rob analyzes how the American economy and politics affected the distribution of income. 

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, September 13

This recent compelling paper by long time NDN collaborator Tim Chambers explains what bots are, looks at their malicious use in US politics and offers some ideas on what to do about it in the days ahead.  

Robert J. Shapiro // Thu, September 7

Rob Shapiro raises the alarm that the 2020 Census process is off track and risking the integrity and effectiveness of some of the national government’s basic missions.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, August 21

It is instructive that some of the most powerful opposition to Trump's agenda is coming from Arizona. He is right to be worried about it.

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, July 21

This week we will see a breathtaking level of cynicism from the national Republican Party on the issue of immigration enforcement.

Simon Rosenberg // Sat, November 5

The new AP story about Melania Trump proves she and her husband have been lying for years – on camera, in writing – about her immigration path into the United States.