Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, October 6

The President's recklessness has created a major COVID outbreak.  What's worse, he and COS Mark Meadows have done nothing to stop its spread. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, September 29

Despite desperate tactics, Trump isn't gaining ground against Biden.  If anything the race may be beginning to slip away.   

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, September 24

As more data comes in it's becoming clearer that Trump has a serious young voter problem.  He's way below his 2016 numbers, and Biden's margin rivals the largest we've ever seen with 18-29 year olds in recent history.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, September 21

Mitch McConnell's craven rush to replace RBG looks like a huge mistake, and raises further questions about whether McConnell's repeated mistakes this year is leading his conference off an electoral cliff. 

Simon Rosenberg // Sun, September 20

Biden retains a strong and healthy lead nationally, and in the battlegrounds.  Despite some chatter, Biden doesn't seem to be struggling w/Hispanic voters.  Scale of Trump's cheating continues to be a threat to the integrity of our democracy and the election. 

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, October 1

The President has launched a breathtakingly broad effort to hold on to power through wide-scale cheating, treachery and illegal use of the US government to aide his campaign.  Far more should be happening to make it stop. 

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, July 10

The Biden campaign faces a big strategy choice in the coming days - how manystates to play in? How big shoulld the battlefield be? Argument for going big is very compelling right now. 

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, July 6

Trumps's escalating attacks and calls for violence against his perceived domestic enemies are authoritarian and dangerous - and can no longer be ignored.