Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, April 2

From our weekly newsletter - we are entering our third straight Republican recession, 2020 landscape still favors the Democrats. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, March 17

Eight weeks into the COVID19 crisis, the US govt is still without a national plan to combat the virus.  Call Congress today and demand they step up and force the Trump to do what is necessary to protect us. 

Robert J. Shapiro // Thu, March 5

Our long-time contributor Rob Shapiro has a new piece in the Washington Post that discusses the economic consequences of the coronavirus and argues that recent efforts by the Fed to shore up the economy likely won't be enough to stop wider economic harm.

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, March 4

Biden's big Super Tuesday wins capped a truly remarkable week for the Vice President and his resiliant campaign.  Some thoughts on the how the campaign can grow, innovate and win in the weeks ahead. 

Chris Taylor // Mon, February 10

Three years of economic policy under the Trump administration are well represented by just a few words: incoherent yet immensely dangerous. It is fitting then that the budget proposal released by the administration today continues this trend.

Simon Rosenberg // Sat, September 7

New digital threats will require US political parties to start seeing themselves as front line actors in our national effort to protect our elections and discourse.  Some thoughts on how the parties can re-imagine themselves to meet these challenges head on. 

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, August 2

Among the most significant political developments of the Trump era is the dramatic shift of under 45 year old voters towards the Democrats.  From 2000 to 2016, D margin w/under 45s was 6 points. In 2018, it was 25. 

Simon Rosenberg // Sat, July 27

A series of events over the past several months raises questions about whether using Russian style disinformation tactics has become a core part of the GOP’s electoral strategy in 2020.