Recent Work

Chris Taylor // Fri, August 3

Trump’s trade war uses the false pretense of “national security” to sidestep the checks and balances of the legislative branch. Independent of their ideological position on trade, Congress must stand up to this creeping authoritarianism.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, July 16

Simon argues that Trump has been unable to fulfill the most basic of Presidential duties: keeping Americans and our democracy safe.

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, July 13

In a new op-ed, Simon asks whether middle class Americans are better off under Trump. Data suggests that they are not.

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, May 16

Recent Pew polls show Democratic voters are overwhelmingly supportive of free trade. Simon takes a look at what this means for the Party.

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, May 10

In a new column, Simon says Congress must begin debating Trump’s sustained effort to undermine the post WWII order. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, May 8

There is a growing body of evidence Trumpism is hurting the GOP brand in the border region. Big implications for 2018, 2020 too. 

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, April 27

Some recent data from Pew Research suggests pace of erosion of TV, rise of digital is picking up, and 2018 likely to be first election more folks get their news online than from TV. Big implications for US politics.

Robert J. Shapiro // Wed, January 24

The new economics of jobs is bad news for working class Americans - and maybe even Trump.