Renewing Our Democracy

Over our many years of work, NDN and its extended family have been at the forefront of a national conversation about how to best improve our democracy itself.  While at the DNC in 1993, Simon put the first American political party on the Internet.  We were early champions and supporters of Oregon’s innovative Vote By Mail program which has produced some of the highest voter turnout figures in the nation.  

We have promoted same day registration, early voting, and eliminating the Electoral College as ways of encouraging broader participation.   We were early proponents of “internet based campaigning,” understanding that a digital age politics would make it far easier for people to participate than in the TV “couch potato” age.   We have argued that a pernicious small state bias has crept into our democracy, one which is thwarting the will of the majority and a far more diverse US population.  We have marveled, and worried, about how the design of our democracy could give one political party is strongest levels of support in seventy years while simultaneously stripping it of control of both legislative chambers.  And finally, we were the primary champion of the idea of expanding the early Presidential primary states  beyond Iowa and New Hampshire, a reform which for the 1st time allowed people of color to play a truly meaningful role in picking the nominee of the Democratic Party.  

It is now a universal belief in the United States that our democracy itself is now longer working as it should. These series of works aim to look at different aspects of the American democracy and offer analysis as well as potential remedies so that the electorate feels more engaged, and the country as a whole is strengthened.

Major Pieces

Renewing Our Democracy, Restoring Consent, Simon Rosenberg,, 4/28/16.

Keep the Faith: Three steps to modernize and reform American elections would help rebuild faith in our democracy, Simon Rosenberg, US News & World Report, 4/25/16.

Consent of the Governed, Simon Rosenberg and Corey Cantor,, 12/17/14.

Leaving the Reagan Era Behind, Simon Rosenberg,, 12/15/12.

Forward of Backward? The Descent of the GOP Into A Reactionary Mess, Simon Rosenberg,, 10/25/12. 

Has Congress developed an Undemocratic Small State Bias? Simon Rosenberg,, 05/12/12.

Improving Our Democracy: Reforming The Electoral College, Simon Rosenberg,, 10/18/12.

Thoughts on Renewing Our Democracy, Simon Rosenberg,, 4/6/12.

Renewing Our Democracy, Simon Rosenberg,, 3/24/07

Other NDN Materials

Why the Return of WikiLeaks Is A Problem for Trump, Simon Rosenberg, US News & World Report, 3/9/17.

A Strategy for Confronting Trump, Restoring Democratic Norms, Simon Rosenberg, US News & World Report, 1/31/17.

An Independent Audit of Trump's Companies Is Now Necessary, Simon Rosenberg, US News & World Report, 1/27/17.

Backgrounder: Countering Russia's Insurgency Against the West, Chris Murphy,, 1/6/17.

A Call For Rs to Find Inner Patriot, Strengthen US Democracy, Simon Rosenberg, US News & World Report, 10/14/16.

NDN in the News on the 2016 Election: Print/Digital Media Roundup, Chris Murphy,, 9/12/16.

Voting Machines As Critical Democracy Infrastructure, Chris Murphy,, 9/2/16.

A Summerof Opportunity and Challenge for Hillary Clinton, Simon Rosenberg,, 5/30/16.

Report: Presidential Primary Debate Audiences, Simon Rosenberg and Chris Murphy,, 5/25/16.

A Year of Opportunity - Looking Ahead to the Fall Elections, Simon Rosenberg,, 5/2/16.

SR Chronicle: Simon on Democrats and the Sanders Legacy, Chris Murphy,, 4/28/16.

Backgrounder: Improving the Demoractic Debate Schedule, Chris Murphy,, 4/19/16.

Sanders and Cruz Live to Fight Another Day, Simon Rosenberg,, 3/7/16.

Trump and Clinton In The Driver's Seat, Simon Rosenberg,, 2/21/16.

Tufts/CIRCLE's new Millennial report, Chris Murphy,, 2/16/16.

On to Nevada and South Carolina, Simon Rosenberg,, 2/15/16.

Monday Musings on 2016 - What Will New Hampshire Bring? Simon Rosenberg,, 2/8/16.

After Iowa, A Different Race for President, Simon Rosenberg,, 2/2/16.

NDN Analysis Featured in Greg Sargent's Washington Post Column, Chris Murphy,, 1/29/16.

Trump Rising, Dems Battle, Thoughts on Political Reform/Dem Bench, Simon Rosenberg,, 1/25/16.

NDN Endorses Clinton's Plan to Make Voting Easier, Simon Rosenberg,, 6/5/15.

Some Thoughts on Election Day, 2014, Simon Rosenberg,, 11/4/14.

Another Reason to Reform the Senate, Chris Bowman,, 3/12/13.

Renewing Our Democracy: Suggested Reading, Catherine Walsh,, 4/2/12.