Recent Work

Chris Murphy // Thu, April 28

In a comprehensive piece in the SF Chronicle, Simon offers some thoughts on Bernie's legacy, and what Democrats need to do to be more appealing to Millennial voters.

Chris Murphy // Wed, May 25

At current rates, Republicans are on track to have five times the audience than their debates received in 2008.  Democrats will be lucky to top their 2008 totals. 

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, February 17

The FCC's new set top box proposal could radically alter television in the United States. Given the current commercial and creative success of this old medium, the FCC should proceed with caution are care. 

Chris Murphy // Mon, December 7

Simon was a guest on Matt Lewis's (author of "Too Dumb to Fail") podcast recently.  They had a long and spirited discussion about the generation long efforts to modern the center-left, and what conservatives can learn from their successes, and failures. 

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, October 23

Over the past generation, the Democrat's economic approach has worked. The Republican approach simply hasn't. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, July 21

This week we will see a breathtaking level of cynicism from the national Republican Party on the issue of immigration enforcement. 

Corey Cantor // Mon, May 11

As Congress begins to look deeper into the future of the Internet, NDN has assembled some of its most important work on these matters over the past decade. 

Robert J. Shapiro // Mon, March 7

Trump has been very precise about not only his plans for undocumented immigrants and Obamacare, but also his approach to taxes.